1920s Fads Facts:

Seamless fully-fashioned (shaped) Rayon stockings were popularised - Nylon was not invented until the mid 30s and not used in hosiery until 1940.

- Mr Grey

The Radio became extremely popular in the 1920s.

- Allan

Charles Lindbergh gained sudden great international fame as the first pilot to fly solo and non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean in the 1920s

- Skye

A man named Goddard invented the first rocket.

- anon

felix the cat was created in 1919!

- morgan

Band-aids were invented in 1920.

- Kay

In the 20s Babe Ruth was a star pitcher until moving to centerfield.

- meow

The flappers were different from the rest of the community! They were considered scandalous because they smoked cigarettes in public and drank alcohol in speakeasies.

- pear_bear9

Most of people never stopped drinking during prohibition.

- olivia

Many men found it spiffy to wear bowler hats, such as the hat famoulsy found upon Charlie Chaplins head. Also when not wearing hats, the younger mens generation parted their hair and slicked it close to their scalp with a black polished look. Burberry checkered Fabric becomes wild and catchy.

- WaKushKa

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich was first created in the 1920s. It was a popular snack.

- Fads of the 1920s

Pole sitting was popular. People would even dance on top of poles.

- anonymous

Drop wasted dresses were in, the women were just moving away from the whole dress to the floor thing, and when the flappers came on stage for the first time they were so shocked because of the length of their dresses.

- charlotte

One very common fad was smoking cigarettes which Flappers (rebellious women) did. Along with drinking and not wearing corsets!

- Leahhh

CORRECTION: The Betty Boop cartoon was not created until Aug. 9, 1930. Betty Boop was based on actresses of the twenties.

- OhKatieLaughs

1927 -Mehron Theatrical Makeup was founded by Mehron Melik, who hand made and delivered Make Up to the Performers throughout New York

Stocking were not make from Rayon first, but from Nylon; NY - in nylong is for New York, the place in which they were first introduced; many had small paintings such as diamond shapes or even jewels used as an eye catcher since the raising of the lenghts of the dresses from ankles (worn mostly by Victorians) to the calf or knee length. The new length allowed for dancing better!

- Ms. Lamb, History Teacher

girls and womens cut their hair very short and wore short dresses in the Roaring 20s

- Lilaaayyyyy=]]]]

A popular dance in the 1920s was the Charleston.

- Leandra Harper

Swing danicing was very popular in the roaring 20s.

- jim

Shipwreck Kelly contributed to the largly populated fad of Flagpole sitting, which began in Hollywood to bring publicity and attention.

- Ashleigh

CORRECTION - Gone With the Wind wasn't filmed in the twenties. It was released in 1939 and the book wasn't even written until 1936.

- Anonymous

The 19th admendment passed, and women could finally had their own rights.

- Samantha B.

In the 1920's there was a very popular dance called The Charleston it started in 1920 but it really got popular in 1923. Some people would even have marathons on dancing. The longest time someone has ever danced was 22 weeks and 3 and a half days straight. When The Charleston started to get really popular every one started to dance The Charleston, it swiped the whole nation with this amazing dance. The Charleston was very fast dance though you just do the same thing over again like any other dance that you would know. How this dance got started was by James P. Johnson. He made made up a song called the Charleston for a Broadway musical Running Wild in 1923.

- Kelly Keefe!

Micky Mouse became everyones favorite cartoon character on the show Steamboat Willy. Freudianism became a huge fad. Americans took psychoanalysis to the next level with games of personalities and ridiculous theories based on the those of Sigmund Freund.

- Rachellll

In the 1920s, slang was commonly used; the phrase Take for a ride meant to drive off with someone in order to bump them off(kill them)

- Kyler

Betty Boop was another cartoon character that came out. She is a cartoon flapper and when first created she was a dog to accompany Bimbo, Max Fleishcer's other popular cartoon character.

- Anonymous

Red Lipstick!!!

- Garrett

Houdini died in 1926

- Jessica

The first commerical radio station, KDKA, began broadcasting in Pittsburg in the 20s.


Charles Lindbergh, also know as Lucky Lindy flew from the U.S all the way to Europe without any radars or maps all by himself!

- suzee

During the 1920s, women bought or adorned stockings with pictures or designs. Crossword-puzzle stockings were popular, as well as those with pictures of the woman's boyfriend.

- Spunky the Wonder Fish

Hockey was created and Josh Stein and Andrew Votta dominate in the NHL

- Anon.

The Great Gatsby was written in the 1920's!

- Sharpay12706

Speakeasies often had secret passwords to be said at the door in order to get inside.

- kristi

The first replaceable oil cartridge was made in 1926 by Chrysler.The first dependable and consistent hyrdaulic brakes were made by Chrysler from 1924-1926 and were standard on all Chrysler wehicles by 1929.

- Trust me on this.

charlie chaplin was one of the most popular film actors during the 1920s

- chick

Young ladies wore tassels around their legs to denote their social status. Red ones meant they came from a well-to-do family.

- J.R.

The new york yankees moved from the stadium they shared with the giants and moved to yankee stadium in 1923 also known as THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT

- yo momma

Garconne is what the French called the Flapper fashion style. In French it means boy with a feminine suffix

- Devums and Ashwy

Already-prepared baby food was invented in 1927!

- Misa-Misa

Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim the English Channel(Aug. 6, 1926) in 14 hours and 30 minutes.Only five men had succeeded in swimming the channel before her, and she beat the record by more than two hours.

- em♥

In the late '20s, St. Paul, MN had a deal with the gangsters that if they left them alone, they'd leave them alone. Also, a lot of bars remained opened and underground in St. Paul and fed to the growing gangster nation of the twenty's, even though the Prohibition Amendment was still in effect.

- N/A

Pez was a peppermint that was very popular in the 20s it had 30 billion of them sold a year.

- PEZ!!!

Gone with the Wind was filmed and one of the most popular movies of the decade.

- Emilyyyyy

The 20's were a time of ballroom dancing.

- michelle

In 1922,3-D spectacles were invented.

- Lexie BD

the longest dance marathon was 22 weeks, 3 and a half days!

- kirky

Reeses peanut butter chocolate bars were invented in the 1920's giving everyone a new delicious treat.

- Nick H.

In the 1920 the KDKA was the first radio station. Penicillin was invented in 1928 by Alexander Fleming. Sacco and Vanzetti were electrocuted in 1927. In May of 1927 Lucky Lindbergh flew the first solo nonstop flight from New York to Paris taking 33 1/3 hours.

- me!

In the nineteen twenties people danced to the fox trot a very popular dance.

- smiles

During the 1920s and 30s the Jim Crow segregation laws began to become heavily contested by active political parties such as the National Urban League and the National Negro Congress.

- skillz

Speakeasie's aka night culbs were popular in the 1920's.

- I.D.K.

Kool-Aid was first made in the 1920s. Original Flavors were cherry, lemon-lime, grape, orange, root beer, strawberry, and raspberry.

- Who cares?

A huge 1920's fact is that the woman would wear red lipstick in a cupid bow style. Higher up on the lips and made the lips look smaller.

- adelin nevermann

Men would dress up in zoot suites and gangster attire. Many women ignored past traditions of the proper form of a woman and began wearing short skirts and dresses (easier to move) and cut their hair super short.

- Gabrielle

The hair dryer was invented in 1920. Before that, women would connect a long hose to a vacuum exhaust pipe. It was a large, bulky machine, but was very popular among women.

- Jenny

Peanut Butter cups by Hershey were beginning to be manufactured, but they didn't have the traditonal wrapping until 20 years later (1940).

- Boo

When Pez candies were invented in 1927 they were marketed as a peppermint sweet treat to help adults stop smoking.

- Boo

The first negro league was created in 1920. The baseball leagues get very popular in the 1920's.

- Adrianne

In 1929 Shipwreck Kelly set the record for flagpole sitting. It was 23 days and 7 hours. Kelly also set the world record in the year of 1930 for sitting on the Atlantic City's Steel Pier flagpole for 49 days. Marathon dancing was also very popular. Running marathons was another fad.

- Marie

The 1920's had a lot of inventions like radios, credit cards, movies, cars, jazz, and much more to go.

- Leyla

In the 1920's, the radio began to take over American entertainment, as did movies and other forms of media. The model T car was used as transportation, and Al Capone and Bugs Moran ruled the Chicago area as gangsters while still competing with the purple gang.

- Dr. Bob

Women wore hats called flappers which showed if they were married, single or their heart was given to another man.

- Breanna Hall

Women of the 1920s used big purses and they wore Cloche hats. Ribbon on on the hats indicated different messages.

- Sweeta

In the 1920s rayon stockings took the place of silk stockings, which turned into a big fad.

- Janae Hendrex

The SAT tests used by colleges came out in the 1920s.

- brittney

Back in the 1920's baseball was becoming tremendously popular. Babe Ruth being a legend and hitting over 700 home runs. There was also a big scandal for baseball. The most famous pitch was when Babe Ruth pointed to the crowd and hit a homerun to that exact location.

- Alex

Men and women of the 1920s often dressed like the superstars of the time ie: famous people sports stars and actors and actresses.

- Shadow

Mickey Mouse was created in the 1920's as well as Pooh Bear.

- Anonymous

During the 1920's, crossword puzzles were a very popular fad!

- lexy

In the 1920's makeup began to be used again after many years of not being used.

- ashley

Peanut butter and jelly became more that a 1920s fad when Skippy and Peter Pan started making peanut butter commercially.

- Alex

The first Miss America Pageant was held in the early 1920s.

- groovy

Along with the fact that there were Flappers of the 1920's fads, there were men called Rakes.

- Laura

The radio exploded in the 1920s. Families gathered around radios creating a lasting fad until the invention of television.

- deb morris

The 1920s was the start of films with sound.

- Alycia

A huge 1920s fad was Cloche Hats. Women of the 1920s would always wear these hats. The ribbon on them indicated different messages. If the ribbon was arrow-like, it indicated a single girl who already gave her heart to someone. If it had a firm knot, it meant that it she was married. And if the ribbon was tied in a flirtatious bow, it meant that she was single and ready to mingle.

- Kelsie

1920s Fad games included Mah-Jongg, Ouija Boards, Crossword puzzles and pole sittings. Dance marathons in the roaring 20s lasted for weeks. Some 1920's jargon fads included HARD-BOILED which means tough, RITZY which means elegant, and JAKE which means okay.

- fan

Young women of 1920s generation that were known as flappers would forget the traditions of their grandparents, and began doing things creating 1920s fads such as cutting their hair super-short, smoke, dance, or apply makeup in public.

- Anonymous

One of popular 1920s fads among the flappers would be to suppress their chest to make themselves look more boyish and danced the Charleston, to 20's jazz tunes.

- 20's fan

The launch of Peter Pan Peanut Butter in the twenties was largely responsible for the food fad of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which became excessively popular during the 1920s.

- Lakin

Swing dancing was a fad of the 1920s.

- kayla jo

PEZ candy was invented in the 1920s and became a fad. In 1927 E. Haas the third was responsible for making the pez mint that originally came packaged in tins and became a longstanding among the many fads of the roaring twenties.

- fad

One of the most popular fads for the women and girls of the 1920's was that they wore bright red lipstick.

- A. 1203

The 1920's was a time of fads, flappers, jazz music, and and prohibition. Also known as the roaring 20's.

- 1920

Young girls of the time were called flappers. Makeup was taboo for most of them so they would pinch their cheeks for blush. However, many who did have makeup wore it and applied in public.

- Flapper

The model T came about in the 1920's creating a fad that never went away. Cars.

- T

One of the common fads was smoking cigarettes. The women smoked with a very long cigarette holder.

- Trendy

The fashionable flappers came about in the mid 20's. This is when the hem length moved up from the calf to the knees.

- Jane

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