Animal Cell Facts:

Animal cells DO NOT have a cell wall.

- dr.enn

Animal cells are usually round.

- Lydia

There can be both a smooth and rogh endoplasmic reticulm (E.R.)

- Sanzo Days

Mitochondrion are found in animal cells. The mitochondrion have a double membrane and are elongated. Mictochondrian are located in animal cells for the purpose of turning the enery than is contained in glucose into ATP.

- Mito C.

An oversized 3-D animal cell model displays the composition and structure of the cell allowing visual comprehension and understanding.

- Studying Animal Cells

Every model animal cell has the organelles named lysosome and centrioles. These organelles are only found animal cells and must be included in all models.

- Mr. William

When drawing a model of an animal cell be sure to include the cell membrane and nucleus.

- Science Wiz

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