Art Facts:

Did you know that the first greatest artis are actually the Egyptians, with their diagram of how to built the pyrimds. Plus how they told their stories on the wall.

- History books - writer nikki-

Metal clay is a revolutionary material that allows anyone to create fine silver jewelry quickly and easily. It looks and feels like clay and can be rolled, textured and formed like clay. When it's fired using a simple butane torch it becomes 99.9% pure silver.

- Metal Clay Academy

Noborigama, wood firing, stoneware kilns are rarely at use nowadays in Japan, as firewood becomes scarce and expensive. On the other hand they are very much in production in Brazil, namely at the small mountain town of Cunha SP.

Surrealism artists get inspiration from dreams. The paintings are filled with dreamlike images, which would not normally be in that type of scene.

- imogen

315 entries in Webster's 1996 dictionary were mispelled.

- Willow

Salvador Dali was the master of surrealism painting surreal oil painting masterpieces.

- Oil Painter

Picasso created the painting style cubism.

- History Buff

When preparing canvas it must stretched properly and primed with either waterbased or oil bases primer for long lasting high quality paintings.

- Artist

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