Custom Residential Bridges Facts:

When building a bridge for a residence or park, one thing is clear: Prefabrication is the answer. Prefabrication gives direct cost savings, minimal site disruption and immediate usability and will provide a safe solution for decades. Here are just some of the advantages of using a prefabricated solution for your bridge project: Savings and safety from fabrication to delivery. Shorter project schedules. It usually includes engineered assembly drawings, stamped and signed by a professional engineer registered in the state of Colorado. It allows for fabrication of bridge deck and abutment foundations (as required) under factory-controlled conditions, with handrailings and exterior facing designed in the material of your choice. All components are precast in controlled plant conditions. Highest quality and fastest schedule available and compliant with CDOT/AASHTO specifications. Short installation time – usually one day or less – gives you direct cost savings, minimal site disruption and immediate usability.

If you have a stream running through your property, even if it is small enough to step over, a bridge can add a lot to the visual appeal of the stream and the area around it not to mention making crossing the water easier.

- Franklin

Custom bridges can be ordered in a wide variety of style and wood types or you could design and build the whole thing yourself from raw lumber.

- Ted I.

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