Entertainment Facts:

Did you ever hear that rumor that Sylvester Stallone started his acting career in a 1970’s adult film called The Italian Stallion? Not only is it true, but he was paid a whopping $200 for his performance!

The Mighty Surf Lords, instrumental Surf Music from Reno Nevada, has recently released their newest CD, ...and the tide rushes in... , 13 tracks of powerful instrumental surf music. Album dedicated to the passing of drummer and friend, Jeff Campaigne(RIP)

CIRCUS in its MODERN format of ring, seats, big top and acts is dated to January 1768 and credited to Englishman Philip Astley, performing with horses in a 13m diameter circle and Frenchman Antonio Franconi. But of course they were preceded by a great many different formats around the world in many cultures.

Maximus in gladiator was played by Russel Crowe

- Robert Haylor

Star Trek has one of the largest fan bases following of any TV Series in the Science Fiction area.

Pattie Boyd was a successful 1960s model, she married Beatle George Harrison and then to another great singer, Eric Clapton.

During the 1970s a Swedish musician group named ABBA hit the world with succesful songs as Waterloo, Mamma Mia and Take a Chance on Me.

Digital Entertainment and Media Excellence Awards awarded winners in the categories of games, best of show, and music. The category entertainment film, television, and video awards also played a large part.

- Entertainment Buff

San Fransisco hosted the very first film festival in North America.

- Jenny

Grossing over six hundred million dollars in the year of 1997 the movie TITANIC still remains number one.

- Dreamer

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