Music Facts:

It used to be thought that Perfect Pitch was a skill that a person was born with. It has been discovered that perfect pitch is a skill that can be learned.

- Guy Babusek

Acid loops are providing a new way for musicians and non musicians to create music. They are essentially short clips of music that are edited to allow computer programs to synchronise the timing of the selected clips. This is allowing an unprecidented ease of song production. Most of the new genres of music today use this technology extensively.

Japanese singer, Ayumi Hamasaki was the very first female to have twenty seven number on singles. Hamaski also achieved thrity eight top ten singles on the Japanese Oricon charts.

Music history was changed forever when the reproduction of music was made possible in 1877. Thomas Edison created the cylinder phonograph which enabled music to be recorded.

- Niles

Music took a political turn when John Lennon was assissinated on December eight of the year 1980. Several different political conspiracy theories developed trying to uncover the true reason for assassination of John Lennon.

- M. 3490

The very first Grammy Award ceromony was held in 1958. The music Grammy Awards were originally designed to be conservative and did not include a rock category.

- Minnie

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